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Our Story

Outstanding Quality

Hello, we are Kenneth and Lynda, a local couple living in the Canton Georgia area for over six years. We became interested in growing mushrooms over three years ago. It all started when Lynda’s daughter was selling gourmet mushrooms every Saturday at a farmer’s market for a local grower who grew them from their home. What? Grow your own mushrooms at home? So, we ordered a mushroom block online, followed the instructions and watched the mushrooms grow. We were hooked! Curiosity grew from that one mushroom block into growing mushrooms from a grow room that we built in our basement:

Hey! We are mushroom farmers!

Lynda and I grow several types of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. We prepare our own substrates, grow the mushrooms in our grow room, and then sell them online and through local farmer’s markets.

Later, Lynda wanted to start growing Microgreens, another healthy product that could be easily grown in a grow room. After a few starter trays of microgreens and seeing how feasible growing microgreens could be, we added another grow room for the microgreens.

Then, we started experimenting with extracts and tinctures. We were amazed at how much better we felt when we took them daily. Now, we want to share our discoveries with others so that they, too, can experience feeling their best.

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