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Lion's Mane Fresh Mushrooms

Lion's Mane Fresh Mushrooms

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Lion’s Mane is beautiful mushroom with white tendrils that look similar to a lion’s mane. They can be added to soup, made into tea, or sliced up and sauteed.


Mildly Sweet with a texture and flavor similar to crab or lobster.


Lion’s Mane mushrooms contain protein, potassium, iron and B vitamins. It has been known to have beneficial effects on the brain, promoting nerve growth factor (NGF). It thought to help with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other neurological diseases.

Product Info

Mushrooms come in brown paper bags for the best storage in your refrigerator.

There are approximately 6 ounces of mushrooms per container. 

We do NOT recommend shipping fresh mushrooms. Although we make every effort to pack the mushrooms to arrive in good shape, many factors affect their condition. Temperature, handling, and time all affect fresh mushrooms in an adverse way. We do not grantee the condition of our fresh mushrooms when shipped.

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